The Da Vinci Furniture

The Da Vinci furniture is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. This is the only company that manufactures affordable, durable, and fashionable baby cribs. The cribs they manufacture are all anchored to the baby’s safety and comfort.

The materials that make up the baby crib are from the sustainable forest in New Zealand. Every time a mature tree is cut down, it is immediately replaced with another seedling. It means the sustainable forest is preserved and maintained. The baby cribs have six finishes – these are oak, espresso, natural, cherry, and ebony.

There are limited options in decorating the baby cribs because the case pieces are easily matched to whatever decoration you have in your place. The Da Vinci furniture makes a lot of convertible cribs from the regular baby crib to the toddler’s bed. There are various collections that you can choose from. Among them are the Emily collection and the Kalani collection.

The Emily collection features a gentle curve pillars and a front rail. This is one of the most sought after collection especially by first time parents. The Kalani collection has the same gentle curve but it has a curved solid head and foot boards. There are still other collections in the house of Da Vinci cribs. All you have to do is to determine what collection you want for your baby.

The Da Vinci furniture also manufactures mini cribs. This is made for smaller nursery. The mini cribs are also convertible and it can be changed to twin sized bed as the child grows. There are some collection of the mini cribs the has a gentle motion so that it will be easier for your to soothe the baby’s sleep.

There are lots of cradle models that are just perfect for the new born babies. They also manufacture permanent beds for older babies. You do not have to worry when it comes to your baby’s safety because the cribs manufactured by Da Vince passed in the safety standard of the US.

This is the best furniture for your baby – the collection is exceptional, the style is unique, and the comfort and safety of your child is 100 percent sure.

Source by Peter Griffin

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