Thailand Communication and Culture – What to Do When You Meet Thai People

If you are going to visit Thailand or meet with Thai people, you may wonder what to do to make a good impression. Thailand communication technique should be used so that you can converse with them amicably. Here are some of the tips that you can use including:

1 Say Hello in Thai:

Thai people use Sawad Dee as greeting words. If you are male, put Krub at the end of your sentence. If you are a female, put Ka instead. So, you can practice saying Sawas Dee Krub or Sawad Dee Ka now. The people you say to will say back the same thing. When you say this, you can nod your head a little to make your gesture even friendlier.

2 Do the famous “Wai”:

This gesture can be done by putting your palms together in a prayer-like manner and bow slightly. It is customary for the younger or lower in status to begin the greeting with the words Sawad Dee. When taking leave, the same words saying and procedure is repeated. If you are greeted with a Wai from someone, you should reply with the same gesture. You don’t have to return a Wai to a small child. Think of a Wai as you would a handshake. You should initiate a Wai with a sincere pleasure at an introduction.

3 Men do not touch women:

Still, Thailand communication and culture is quite conservative when it comes to the treatment between the two sexes. People do not shake hands and they do not touch the opposite sex if it is not necessary. For male, don’t be surprised if you offer a handshake to a lady and do not get one back. It is not you but the culture.

There are many things to learn regarding Thailand communication and culture. Some of them may be similar to the western culture but many of them aren’t. To learn this take some time but you will be able to understand it in the end.

Source by Jim Somchai

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