How Handmade Ceramic Tiles Are Winning Hearts

In the past, tiles were exclusively produced by hand and people had a hard time meeting the targets. The handmade ceramic tiles were carefully thought of, and were produced in a very personal way. With technological advancements, great progress has been achieved since then and, mass production is now in full swing.

Ceramic flooring had to come with great qualities like durability and resistance. This challenge is not faced by wall coverings. Because they are more personal, handmade ceramic tiles have managed to win the hearts of many who continue to hold them in very high esteem. It is no wonder that they come at a higher cost.

Therefore, the handmade ceramic tiles will cater for all your needs when you want to customize your home. They combine a lot of possibilities, reflecting that undisturbed beauty that can only come from them. You will have designs that simply cannot be achieved in any other way but through the tiles.

You can select from a comprehensive range of colors. This is mainly due to the glazed handmade ceramic tiles which provide this opportunity. You can choose a variant that is stain free. This variant will have to be non porous. An example of handmade ceramic tiles is porcelain. It is obviously more expensive than other models.

Its high durability makes it expensive compared to the other models that are inferior. You can enjoy thickness varieties that will enable you to achieve your desired designs. Organic and chemical pigments can be used to color this type of tiles. This is a process that will ensure that you achieve your desired color results.

If you want to know more about the colors used, you can ask the manufacturer. They will be more than willing to shed light on this. Also, you can simply check the label of the product. There are tiles which are referred to as terracotta. They are much denser than the other tiles.

They are quite popular because they resist frost and temperature variations. They are therefore perfect for outdoor pavements. However, the most popular brand of ceramic tiles that are hand made are the Mexican Saltio. They are quite special and their durability is undisputed.

They are never passed through fire and they solely depend on solar drying for their durability. To prevent staining and decay, they go through a waxing process. They must however be completely dry to achieve the desired results. Sometimes, Saltio tiles come with a natural animal print on them.

You will not easily find mosaic tiles on the market and this is due to their very small size. You must ensure that they will be very easy to install. To know this, they must come mounted on a special material. The mosaic ceramic handmade tiles are very flexible and you can provide a very wide range of designs from them.

Go through various sites which you will find very helpful and discover options that will simply make your head spin. You will find amazing designs which will make your decor look superb.

Source by Peter Gitundu

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