Fish Bowl Centerpiece Ideas for Christmas Dinners

Table Centerpiece Ideas for Christmas Dinners

Christmas is a great time to bring friends and family together for intimate dinners, large get-togethers, or gag gift exchanges. A great way to establish family traditions is to make your own table centerpieces for these occasions. Kids love arts and crafts so get everybody involved and make it an annual event. Here are a couple ideas.

Christmas Bowl Centerpieces

You could easily get ten different table centerpiece ideas from this one suggestion. Take a look at the basic supply list below and add your own creativity to come up with original centerpieces for your holiday events.

Basic Supply List

1) Some type of glass bowl or vessel in an attractive shape and with a large top opening. You can choose clear glass, colored glass, cracked glass, or any other variation you find in a color appealing to Christmas. Clear, green, red and blue are the best options. Small fish bowls will work if you already have them around the house. Clear is best if you want to use decorative or colored pieces for the next supply on this list.

2) Small stones, fish bowl chips, glass pieces, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks or any other smaller sized item in a color that corresponds well with the bowl. If you can find something related to Christmas, such as small reindeer or Santa charms, you can mix them in with solid color pieces for extra charm.

3) Fake greenery, mistletoe, garland, pine tree clippings or Christmas tree garland. Anything that can be arranged around the bottom and slightly up the sides of the bowl will work. Something with red berries is a nice touch.

4) Pillar candles in red, green, white, silver, gold or blue are optional. Once you gather your supplies, these centerpieces are very easy to put together. Place the smaller stones, cloves, cinnamon sticks or glass pieces inside the bowl.

Push the pillar candles into the smaller pieces in the center of the bowl and then arrange the greenery against the sides being careful not to get too close to candle wicks. Another option is to skip the pillar candles and instead fill the bowls with water and float candles at the top.

Colored water can be used to match your party theme. Using this one idea, the centerpiece options you can come up with are only limited by your supply list and creativity.

Amaryllis Tree Centerpiece

There aren’t a lot of variations on this centerpiece idea, but it looks beautiful and tends to get a lot of curious questions from guests. Start by hollowing out a fresh pineapple. Cut the top off and remove the fruit from inside. You want to keep the brown outer shell as it will serve as the trunk of your tree centerpiece.

Set the pineapple trunk in a large bowl and place something around it to hold it center. You might use fresh cranberries, blueberries, cherries, or some type of small stones or glass pieces if you have them on hand. The bowl can be something from the kitchen, something decorative, or some type of plastic Christmas bowl you pick up at the dollar store.

Top off the tree with fresh amaryllis blooms, putting some water inside the pineapple trunk so they last longer. You can either leave the stems long so the blooms look like the top of a tree or you can cut the stems short so they fit tight against the pineapple shell.

This is one of those table centerpiece ideas that will liven up a party because it is quirky and unusual. Think about other fruits or vegetables you could use for the base. A watermelon? An eggplant? You get the idea.

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