Christmas Decorations Put Retail Store Customers In Holiday Shopping Mood

Leaves are changing colors, the wind is blowing harder, the weather is turning colder and consumers’ pocketbooks are heating up for the holiday shopping season. If you’re looking to attract holiday shoppers and secure sales, perhaps it’s time to step up to retail store Christmas decorations as a solution. Retail store Christmas decorations are an often overlooked facet of the overall holiday marketing mix. But they serve a very vital purpose in any retail environment. They remind customers of the season at hand and, often subconsciously, stir up positive emotions attached to holiday memories and traditions.

Retailers should actually be decorating for every season. But the Christmas holiday season is especially important. It is without a doubt the most vital time of year for the entire retail industry and there is a lot of money to be made by retailers who stay a step ahead of the competition and foster the holiday spirit in their customers.

Smaller retailers who sometimes feel overshadowed by the price breaks and huge promotions that big box retailers are offering shouldn’t be discouraged. Smaller stores have the competitive advantage of versatility. For once, go overboard. The biggest obstacle smaller retailers need to overcome is their own preconceptions of the industry and the lack of creativity that it breeds. Think creatively about the things you can provide that your larger competitors can’t and then seize those opportunities.

Here are a few tips that I recommend to get you thinking in the right direction. Remember, your creativity is the only thing limiting you. Take chances with your retail store Christmas decoration, especially if you feel you have nothing to lose. Try some variations on these innovative ideas:

Wrap it Up: Try something nobody else has ever done before. If you’re small enough, wrap the exterior of your store in colorful wholesale holiday wrapping paper (or even just the front if it is too big). You’ll be sure to stand out in a crowd and you’ll position your store as ready for the holiday season.

Cover it Up: Use holiday tablecloths and throws to cover your existing tables and bins throughout the store. This will serve as a strong reminder of the season and perpetuate the vibe you’re trying to create throughout the store. And they can be reused each year.

Dress it Up: Use mannequins and gift wrapped empty boxes to create holiday scenes throughout the store. If you’re in the clothing business, dedicate a central part of your store to this type of display and use the mannequins to show off your most popular styles from each department.

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