Beach Party Decorations – Paper Parasols, Tabletop Torches, and Lifesavers

Summers always bring out a fun, playful and bright cheeriness to a person’s mood. Sunlight is even known to cure certain types of depression. Having a summer party is always a great way to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or an engagement party, to name a few. Even when the summer season is far from being around the corner, a host can bring the summer season in any party in any season with just a few decorations.

Beach themes can be bohemian chic, urban, elegant or even Asian, so no matter your style or personality, you can play around with beach party decorations to fit your vibe. For starters, picking a style would give any host a good headstart to start executing party plans. Choosing decorations including seating and luminaries or lighting for the entire party area should be next to go off the list.

For lighting, hang round paper lanterns provide a summer glow to any party setting. Ordinary series lights can be decorated with seashells for lighting and tiki torches set in the right places could be used as luminaries too. Other lighting ideas are those that sit atop the party tables. Outdoor tabletop torches in stainless steel add a classic detail to any setting and provide a raw, natural light for parties heading to evenings.

Tea light holders that have nautical or beach-oriented designs including miniature sailboats in frosted glass or blue or glass embellished in seashells would make for two of the more stylish and unique beach party decorations. Throw some sand at the center of party tables, add personalized seashells that say “Thank you” or the name and date of event being celebrated, and surround these with seashell tea light candles for a simple yet stunning centerpiece. A coconut candle on each table could also provide the perfect aroma once lit. For poolside parties, place the coconut candles on the pool instead of the table.

Decorate the tables with beach themed place cards on show-stopping place card holders like silver miniature pineapples and seashells, white Adirondack chairs or folding beach chairs in nautical stripes. Place silver starfish or seashell wine bottle stoppers beside wine buckets, personalize wine glasses with a tropical artwork like a simple palm tree and set them on top of colorful flip flop coasters for a more thorough and fun touch. Furthermore, you can provide beach themed personalized napkins on the tables. Pick colorful napkins with a palm trees, seashells and flip flop artwork to set off the event date labeled on the napkins.

For party favors that the guests can take home as a memento, take silver and white miniature beach pails, about two inches in diameter, and fill to the brim with colorful jelly beans. For a more nautical oriented theme, use mini sail boats painted in blue and white stripes and place lifesavers in them. Lavish guests with these sweet treats showcased on party tables in incredibly charming ways.

In the washing area, provide seashell soaps to show off extraordinary attention to details and provide towels shaped in ice cream cones in one area for guests to use and take as party favors.

As a final touch, provide shade in outdoor settings through a white canopy looming over the deck or patio to. Paper parasols are also an option which you can either set in place in individual foldable chairs for maximum effect. The paper parasols can also be placed closed and leaning beside chairs for guests to use whenever they want or take home as party favors.

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